The American Museum of Natural History Secrets Revealed

Have you ever thought about it? What happens to all the exhibits when you leave the museum and the lights go out? If you are one who is into horror movies, chances are you are coming up with the scariest of scenarios possible right now. Good. But what if it wasn’t all that scary? What if the exhibits actually came to life? It would be awesome right? Well, yes, but wishing is all that we can do. Many New York attractions do not have half the thrill as the American Museum of Natural History per se.

The American Museum of Natural History Secrets Revealed

Museums, even those that are big New York attractions like the American Museum of Natural History, most of the time are visited by persons who want to learn about the history of the items showcased. Very few on their NYC trip are interested in the Museum History itself. But you are. Today, we shall have a look at the facts on the American Museum of Natural History – most of which you have never heard of and no guide will tell you.

The Museum was almost closed

If you see something breathtakingly beautiful, you should without a doubt know that someone somewhere paid a great deal for you to enjoy the view. The Museum, though one of the most famous New York attractions there is today was not always so. It has had its own fair share of ups and downs (mostly downs when it was starting out) to the point where now Americans, more so New Yorkers, cannot imagine a life without it.

In its early stages, the problem was that the museum was nowhere close to intriguing, interesting or even sophisticated in any manner so no one (both local and those on New York vacation) visited. It was more of collections laid out in the Central Park before 1877 when it finally was moved into a building. It was a major step for the administrators back in the day but not enough to save the museums behind. It still hang on the balance and could be closed down at any moment if nothing was done, and fast. So instead of giving up Morris K. Jesup (kudos to this guy btw), the then Museum president launched an age of exploration around the world. This saw the status of the museum between 1880 and 1930 take a different turn as many came to view the dinosaur fossils they had collected from their expeditions all over the world.

It is a romantic setting waiting to happen

The museum is a romantic place

This might come as a shock to many but this museum can be and actually has been, that ‘IT’ place for many couples in love. Very few New York attractions if any can give couples madly in love the setting and atmosphere they are looking for. If you have ever dreamt exchanging vows under the giant blue whale, the Museum administration can without a doubt make that happen.

The museum is complete with its very own caterers and has lots of venues to rent out. You can have a sit down dinner in the hall full of ancient dinosaur skeletons, or have a lovely cocktail party while mingling with a herd of animals, elephants to be precise in the African American Animals Hall.

The Museum itself reveals its history

American Museum of Natural History interior

Stepping into the Hall of Northwest Coast Indians, you might be tempted to think that you will be having a glimpse of the American Indian History only. But the truth of the matter, if you look keenly, you will notice that the museum hall tells a history in itself. It is more than 100 years old having its opening date back in the year 1896. It is also part of the original museum building. Today, the museum has grown and has lots of expansions that have undergone over the years. The current museum building features a total of twenty five interconnected buildings.

Why do the animals look so real?

The museum showcases real-like statues New York attractions

Well, because they are real. It is the only way the museum could manage to get such realism to the animal statues. They make the statues out of actual bones, teeth and skin from animals that have died in the wild. But using the real pieces is nothing if you do not have the skill to pull it off.

The whale had some adjustments done

In the Hall of ocean life hangs a 94 ft. blue whale. The whale was designed and created in the mid-1920s. Back then, all the scientists had to go with were measurements that had been taken from a dead whale. The facts, for all this time, until the early 2000s were inaccurate. When the right information was obtained the creators went back and paid attention to the details, adding a navel, correcting the blowhole shape and measurements and a protective lip all around.

The American Museum of Natural history is one of the best New York attractions there is. But even so, many who visit New York seem to not know a lot about it like they do about what it contains. With this information however, you are more than a pro.

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